Gate Operation

Complete Control of Security Gates & Industrial Doors

Gate Operation is the complete plug-and-play IoT (Internet of Things) solution for the gate industry.

Access control, real-time monitoring, remote troubleshooting, automatic alerts, and predictive maintenance – all in one solution.

Be the Industry Leader

Compatible with all control units on the market, new and old, we enable you to manage all your clients’ installations in one system. The solution is flexible, customized to your needs, and easy to scale as you grow.

Connectivity Hardware for IoT Monitoring


Our proprietary hardware can monitor and control virtually all types of gates, doors, and barriers. The Cloud Unit is easy to install, both in the factory and retrofitted in the field.

# 9-24V AC/DC
# Analog inputs for sensors
# Cycle counter for openings
# Built-in annual timer
# Open the gate via mobile
# 2 relay outputs
# Battery backup
# SIM card pre-installed


The Cloud Unit is programmed to “listen” to all existing sensors that are connected to the control box.

Examples of monitored functions:

# Gate open/closed (with counter)
# Photocell
# Emergency stop
# Safety edge
# Loop detector
# Motor protection circuit
# Control box door
# Power supply
# Open Signal

Enables you to open industrial gates and doors with the mobile app or a phone call

Automated Gate Monitoring – Key Features

All connected gates and barriers can be found in the Web platform, with convenient access from any web browser. In the mobile app, authorized users can control, monitor, and receive alerts for selected gates.

Remote configuration

Field visits are no longer necessary, as all settings can be configured online. In addition, Comlink also includes logging features for individual units.

Open gates/doors with your phone

Open the gate with your phone, via the app or a phone call. Administration of user data, such as name, phone number, and access hours, is extremely simple with the Comlink Web platform.

Alerts & notifications

A clear indication of any faulty gate or barrier. Alerts and reset details can be sent as emails, push notifications, or SMS to selected users.


A clear overview of all units, as well as tools for troubleshooting. Color-coded sensor information, status updates, estimated service dates, and more. All units can be renamed and grouped as necessary.

Reports & statistics

All activity, events and faults are automatically logged. This data can then be used for follow-up actions, business development, performance improvements, streamlining strategies and product development.

Annual timer

Schedule automatically recurring actions such as gate open, permitted access time, and alerts off. Several programs and customizable bank holidays. Changes are easily adjusted online, rather than out in the field.

Gate Operation is compatible with both new and old industrial gates, doors, bollards, and barriers.

Benefits for Service

With Gate Operation's all-in-one solution for service organizations, you are simply upgrading your existing equipment. This will generate considerable benefits for your entire organization, without the need for complex changes or costly investments. 


  • Increased profits
  • Enables new revenue models and service sales
  • Reduced costs
  • Automation and simplified administration increases efficiency in the organisation
  • Improved knowledge
  • Statistics and reports, such as workload forecasts for service organisations
  • Technological leap
  • Boost your brand image and generates a clear market position


  • Facilitates sales
  • Can demonstrate actual usage and clarify the customer’s actual needs
  • Use statistics to show how the gate is performing and demonstrate the value of service
  • Improves customer relations
  • Also demonstrates when the gate is working well, which improves customer relations and trust


  • No more hassle with fault reporting
  • Convenient administration of user’s access permissions via the Web platform
  • Optional alerts via email, SMS, and push notification, for example if gate is left open
  • The number of service visits can be adjusted according to actual usage
  • Improved safety
  • Demonstrates innovation and modern technology


  • Easily open the gate from your mobile phone
  • Secure
  • Peace of mind that the gate actually works